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Fura-Mag Capsules 90ct

Manufacturer Interplexus, Inc.
Price $19.00

Product Description


The value of Magnesium supplements is dependent upon

both their absorption efficiency and bioavailability. The

U.S. RDI for Magnesium was established with the understanding

that this mineral was absorbed with an estimated

efficiency of about 30%. For instance, the RDI for Magnesium

is 400mg. This means, under desired optimal conditions with

400mg of Magnesium in the diet, we should absorb

120mg. It is this amount, the 120mg of

absorbed Magnesium, that has been deemed to be the

amount that is necessary to fulfill our basic metabolic



The bioavailability of Magnesium, either from food or a

mineral supplement determines to a large degree, its

value to us. A brief examination of the accompanying

chart will illustrate the great differences in absorption

of Magnesium from various sources. It is important to

note that this same absorption disparity is also true for

many other minerals including Calcium.

Each capsule of Furamagsupplies 140mg of elemental

Magnesium as Magnesium Fumarate. With an absorption

efficiency of 80%, just one capsule of Furamagwill provide

about 110mg of bioavailable Magnesium. Therefore,

two capsules will provide us with 220mg of Magnesium

or 180% of RDI equivalence, based on absorption. The

Fumarate part of Magnesium Fumarate is a low molecular

weight organic salt which is metabolized with great

efficiency in the Krebs’ cycle, perhaps our most fundamental

energy-releasing pathway.
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