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GluDaZyme 500mg Capsules 60ct

Manufacturer Metabolic Maintenance
Price $35.80

Product Description

Enzymes for Gluten and Dairy Sensitivities.  GluDaZyme is a proprietary blend of 14 enzymes that support the digestion of gluten and dairy proteins.  This product is not intended to relieve symptoms of celiac, but may help normalize the inflammatory response to gluten and dairy, therefore allowing proteins to be better broken down and absorbed.
Directions:  One to two (1-2) capsules
before a meal, or as directed by a
healthcare professional.
Serving Size: 1 capsule___________
Amount per Capsule    %Daily Value
SEB-Gluten Relief        500  mg  *
Proprietary Enzyme Blend
Dipeptidyl Pepidase (DPP-IV) (Protese I, Protease II,
Protease III, Protease IV, Protease V)
Amylase I, Amylase II, Glucoamylase, Cellulase,
HemiSEB (Hemicellulase), Alpha Galactosidase,
Xylanase, Lactase, and Lipase.
*Daily Value not established for this ingredient
Other ingredients: tapioca, maltodextrin,
vegetarian capsule.

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