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Whey Basics, Whey Protein Beverage Powder, Natural Vanilla Bean Flavor, 480grams

Manufacturer Pure Encapsulations
Price $54.60

Product Description

*21 grams of whey protein per serving

WheyBasics provides 21 grams of highly purified, undenatured whey protein per serving in a great-tasting, naturally flavored formula. Whey protein naturally contains high levels of l-glutamine and branched chain amino acids, as well as immunogloblins and lactoferrin to support nutritional health and immune system function.

Features include:
21 grams protein per serving
3 grams l-glutamine per serving
4.75 grams branched chain amino acids, including 2 g l-leucine per serving
Low in fat and < 1% lactose
Instantized for easy mixing

Nutritional considerations include:
Supports immune function with protein, l-glutamine, lactoferrin and immunoglobulins*
Promotes healthy weight management in combination with diet and exercise*
Supports sports nutrition with protein, l-glutamine and branched chain amino acids for healthy muscle function and muscle recovery*
Encourages overall daily wellness with high quality protein nutrition*
Supplement Facts

1 scoop contains:
calories 90
fat 0 g.
sodium 45 mg.
carbohydrate 1 g.
dietary fiber 0 g.
sugars <1 g.
protein 21 g.
stevia 70 mg.
Contains milk, soy
other ingredients: whey protein isolate, soy lecithin, natural vanilla bean flavor

serving size: WheyBasics Vanilla Bean flavor: 24 g (1 scoop)
servings per container: 20
Recommendations: Add 1 serving to water, milk or juice. Blend with fresh or frozen fruit pieces if desired. Shake, stir, or blend until smooth.

**Warning: Very low calorie protein diets (below 400 calories per day) may cause serious illness or death. Do not use for weight reduction in such diets without medical supervision.


*The statements made on our websites have not been evaluated by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). Our products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

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