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Visbiome Vet #40

Manufacturer Visbiome
Price $45.95

Product Description

Visbiome Vet is a high  potency veterinary probiotic that contains a proprietary blend of live, lyophilized, probiotic bacteria - Lactobacillus acidophilus DSM24735TMlactobacillus plantarum DSM24730TMlactobacillus paracasei DSM24733TMlactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus* DSM24734TMstreptococcus thermophilus DSM24731TMbifidobacterium longum± DSM24736TMbifidobacterium breve DSM24732TMbifidobacterium infantis± DSM24737TM.

Supports normal inflammatory response in the GI tract. 
Helps support the protective layers of the bowel and maintain gut health.  
112.5 billion CFU per capsule.

Directions for use:  Administer capsules by mouth as directed by your veterinarian.  Capsules may be opened and powder given to the pet by mouth.  Follow your Veterinarian's dosing directions.

Weight of Animal # of Capsules
Less than 20 lbs. 1-2 Daily
20 -60 lbs. 2 Daily
Larger than 60 lbs. 4 Daily

Warnings:  For animal use only.

*The statements made on our websites have not been evaluated by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). Our products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

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